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Don’t buy target market mailing lists!  That’s the advice I give clients when they show me a “Buy a List” email offer. I have purchased mailing lists in theRead more

When Google made “responsive design” a key search factor, it prompted many companies to revamp their websites.  Using business scenarios to shape new website content helps deliver the rightRead more

External sales representatives can greatly increase your market reach. They offer many advantages over a traditional “direct” sales force, and allow you to scale your sales expenses as businessRead more

Remember the good old days of job hunting? You found a job posting, sent in a resume, and hopefully got a call back from the company. Most jobs areRead more

Why should marketing and sales managers pay attention to project management?  Because many marketing and sales projects suffer the same fate as poorly run engineering projects. A study of moreRead more

Market development funds (MDF) are often used by companies to drive an increase in sales through their partner or representative channels.  These are also referred to as marketing developmentRead more

Marketing 101 How do you deliver a lecture on Marketing 101 in under an hour without putting people to sleep? Why with ice cream of course! I was askedRead more

You’ve come up with a great concept for a new product or company.  Now it’s time to think of a name and tagline.  This often starts out as aRead more

Business is out there. But if the products you manufacture are complex, advertising and direct marketing may only get you a few contacts.  You need a knowledgeable field sales person toRead more

  15 years ago I was sitting in a boardroom with a group of colleagues for a strategic planning session when we were each handed a pad of sticky notes…Read more

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