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  During a recent talk on pricing, I was asked the question “does value based pricing apply to services?”  I suddenly realized that all my pricing examples were based…Read more

It used to be that small retailers were being put out of business by the big retail giants.  I was reminded of this while I recently watched the movie…Read more

I used to work in industries where a yearly price increase was the norm.  Every November the product teams would get a memo from Finance letting us know what…Read more

I recently attended a conference where one of the speakers asked the audience if they wear a watch.  I was shocked to learn that a majority of those under 30…Read more

“Let’s make a better product than the competition, and sell it for less.”  I hear this statement over and over from clients.  After they peel me off the ceiling…Read more

I work with a number of small B2B companies in the industrial electronics industry.  They all want to know what they should be doing in social media.  Like me,…Read more

In my first year of business, I’ve been given two great pieces of conflicting advice: focus on your core vs. expand your horizons. Having worked in B2B my entire…Read more

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