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Marketing 101 How do you deliver a lecture on Marketing 101 in under an hour without putting people to sleep? Why with ice cream of course! I was askedRead more

It’s easy to cut prices – your customers are happy, your sales people are happy – and if you do it right, your sales volumes go up.  But yourRead more

Buyers are Less Concerned About Price Than You Think When you start shopping for a new website, is pricing your number 1 concern?  Or is it more important to…Read more

I started out my career as a design engineer blissfully shielded from the reality of product portfolio management, cannibalization of higher priced products, value-based pricing and the concept ofRead more

  I just finished teaching a graduate course in marketing.  This is a required course for all MBA students so I get a wide range of students – some…Read more

Being innovative in pricing takes some good old-fashioned marketing work. You not only have to understand the value that you are delivering, but you also have to understand theRead more

Increasing prices can greatly increase profitability.  That’s why we do it. Sometimes it takes more than just increasing prices on individual products or services.  It may take a change…Read more

Services are different than “goods” or physical products!  When considering how to price a service, it is important to understand those differences and understand how to position yourself toRead more

  During a recent talk on pricing, I was asked the question “does value based pricing apply to services?”  I suddenly realized that all my pricing examples were based…Read more

It used to be that small retailers were being put out of business by the big retail giants.  I was reminded of this while I recently watched the movie…Read more

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