Starting over with your website requires new messaging and positioning

Starting over with your website requires new messaging and positioning

Is Your Website Working?

Have potential customers told you that they don’t know what you do?  Have others told you that they can’t tell the difference between you and your competition?  It’s hard stuff to hear especially after you’ve put so much thought and effort into your website.  And after all – didn’t you just revise it 3 years ago?

After a lot of soul searching – you admit that it’s time to redo your website.  But where do you start?  Will you be able to re-use any of your existing content and artwork, or is it time for complete demolition?

Messaging and Positioning

Taking the time to develop messaging and positioning statements is the right first step in website development.  It sets the theme for who you are, defines what target markets you go after and what products/services you deliver to that market.  This material will be used throughout your website and  in your collateral, press releases, social media and sales campaigns.  It also sets your strategic marketing direction.  Many times the messaging and positioning will be used for internal communications including corporate mission and vision statements.

To start your messaging and positioning, you need to develop these 5 key statements:

1. This is what I do and have passion a for

2. This is whom I’ve done it for

3. Here’s what I can do for you

4. Here’s how I’m going to do it

5. Here’s the value that you get from me

Developing messaging and positioning takes time and thought.  Doing this work up front will pay off in better customer communications, an increase in sales and an increase in profitability.